QA Consulting

      Ticking Minds’QA Consulting Services helps you optimize your testing initiatives. We assess existing QA processes and identify gaps by benchmarking against the best of industry standards. We then work with you to bridge these gaps by identifying and prioritizing improvement areas and actions.

Test Maturity Assessment

      Assessment of test maturity is very important for any organization that has outsourced its validation services to independent service providers.Ticking Minds would assess and analyze the different dimensions around the testing practice to come up with a future-state roadmap. The roadmap would have predefined interim maturity levels with well-documented milestones and activity tracks.

Test Automation Strategy Consulting

      Test automation plays an important part in an organization's test efficiency improvement initiatives. Our test automation strategy consulting practice focuses on defining your organization vision on test automation, planning & prioritizing your test automation plan using a RoI based approach, RoI tracking etc. Our practice also focusses on identification of right testing tools and test management tools for our clients.

Para-Functional Test Consulting

       Parafunctional requirements(performance, security, usability) plays a significant roles in the success of any application/product roll out. Defining your organization vision on eliciting these para-functional requirements, recommending the appropriate test strategy approach, picking right tool fitment for the engagement and implementation –all of which requires our advisory experience and expertise to bring value to the table.

Test Strategy & Planning

       With web & mobile becoming the preferred channels for the end customers, the enterprises are rolling out newer initiatives and updates through these channels. While some of these are competition driven, there are lots which are market regulator driven. It is very important to validate such programs at the right cost, quality and timelines. For this the test strategy holds the key, and lot of thought process needs to come in, to ensure that the testing is planned not only in an efficient manner, but also creatively. Ticking Minds would study such programs, assess, analyze and come up with the right test strategy, to ensure that the right building blocks are put in the right place at the earliest possible instance.

Testing Center of Excellence

       Every organization aspires to put in place a center of excellence for the testing / validation services. Not many achieve it largely due to the size, complexity, absence of top management commitment, wrong implementation etc. Ticking minds, by virtue of its experience in this space, would help the clients to (a) put together a road map for building a CoE (b) devise testing policies spanning across test tools, environment, budgeting etc. (c) help in aligning different lines of businesses adopt to the CoE, by putting in the right business case.