Is your assurance assuring?

      Software Development has come a long way indeed. Gone are the days, when developers used to code until the day of roll out, all by themselves, without any second set of eyes, validation, testing etc. Bringing in independent teams has really benefitted the overall software development process in terms of validating the work done at the points of handshake, whether these handshakes points are seamless as in agile or distinct as in waterfall. These validations performed by independent teams within the life-cycle are cumulatively providing a “level of assurance” to the project stakeholders.

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What should constitute Performance Testing Requirements?

      Enterprises have looked at performance testing often as the last straw in the glass. Such kind of approach has shown that enterprises have lost business opportunities and in certain cases have experienced damages to their brand. This blog series shows you a way, as to how enterprises can improve their return of investments made on business applications.

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Infra taken for granted in Performance testing?

      Spend on infrastructure has been different from different organizations, when it comes to performance testing. Some organizations cary out a proper sizing excercise, some go by gut feel and purchase infrastructure, some others stack every possible tier in the same server with costs in mind. But, the foremost question that we have in mind is whether the organizations have taken the infrastructure for granted.

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Meaningless data - your one way ticket to disaster!!

      Right from executive dashboards to simplest of web applications, nothing moves without data. In a world where more and more decisions are being taken based on data and information, it is absolutely important to acknowledge the value of meaningful data. Although seemingly inconsequential, small discrepancies can make a significant difference in the behaviour of IT systems that help in interpreting large amounts of data. Just like in manufacturing, data goes through multiple stages before it becomes meaningful - data collection, analysis, cleansing, mining, governance etc.,

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Importance of data in Performance testing

      Poor data quality during testing oftern results in poor application quality. It is just not the DEV, SIT, UAT, DEMO, TRG that gets impacted, it encompasses performance test environments as well. This increases the cost of testing as there is a need to perform a separate exercise for data provisioning. In this blog we look at the importance of data during the performance testing.

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Synthetic Data Generation - a boon for non-production environments

      You might wonder, why clients are not giving in production data to be copied on to non-production environment for all non-production activities like enhancements, testing, training, etc - that seems the easiest thing on earth. Actually, clients dread copying data from production into non-production environment, as migrating copies of data from production to non-production is quite expensive and can potentially lead to non-compliance with regulatory standards and hence loose business reputation.

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