Mobile Testing

      Business channels have expanded beyond realms of the PCs, laptops to mobile devices thanks to social media and digital marketing. Enterprises are redesigning more and more applications from the web to reach the consumers through mobile devices. This has thrown open challenges to the QA group like providing test coverage over wide spectrum of device platforms, plethora of mobile devices from different manufacturer, different networks- all boiling down to how are enterprises going to get these devices, would they have the necessary investments from them.

      In addition to this, QA organisation are now required to design a test strategy tools which should cover for different types of tests of the mobile app as well as for automating the tests. From our past experiences, we have observed enterprises go wrong on test automation - covering functional, performance, security - requirements. Come talk to us,as to how enterprises can put together the apt strategy in place for mobile testing, pick the right tools for automating mobile apps and helping go-lives on time.