Digital Systems Assurance Services

Performance Testing

      If business wants to avoid losing out on opportunities and avoiding potential brand damage, then business will need to invest on performance testing. Such a move is bound to improve the overall return of investment of any business.

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Test Data Administration Services

      Today, test data administration is becoming the most compelling need for any test execution exercise ranging from functional to non-functional testing. Availability and complexity of test data has a stealthily large say in the duration of the testing and indirectly on the go-live of the application under test.

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Security Testing

      Application security has been the most important mandate set by business stakeholders and end users for application that is being launched in the market. Minimum expectations are to assess applications for Top 10 OWSAP vulnerabilities, exploit them to ensure application is not compromised.

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Test Automation Services

      Though products/application get manually tested repeatedly, the market delivered software ends up having defects. Trying to eradicate defects manually is an arduous task. Manual testing effort lacks repeatability and automation critical for continuous testing to ensure all new changes to application are addressed.

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Usability Testing

      The success of any website/app depends crucially on user experience. Business needs to understand that attention span of users is short and to get the best out of it would be to have a product/app that ranks high on usability.

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Mobile Testing Services

      Business channels have expanded beyond realms of the PCs, laptops to mobile devices thanks to social media and digital marketing. Enterprises are redesigning more and more applications from the web to reach the consumers through mobile devices.

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