Mar 08, 2022

My Journey – from Humble Beginnings to a Software Professional

Posted by Fathima jahan

As a young girl, I was always ambitious to graduate as a qualified Engineer. Though I had achieved my goal, I was unable to translate my qualification into employment and financial independence, owing to the changing lifestyle and the need to devote my time completely for my family – especially for my children.

Fortunately, I got into an organization where the founders value specific personality traits over a mere qualification or experience. They look for candidates who have a serious intent to enjoy learning and succeed in their careers. Once onboarded into the organization the founders understand and nurture them towards realizing their aspirations.

From being a newbie to learning the testing process –  be it functional testing or test automation, it was indeed an exciting journey for me. During times of crisis, I received the generous and unconditional support from my mentor and colleague, Selvakumar.N.

At present, I am at an organization that is not only courteous but also provides ample opportunities for individuals like me, helping me in fulfilling my potential. The unwavering support that I consistently receive in terms of employment and empowerment has made me realize and turn my aspirations into reality.