Mar 18, 2022

Small Companies Provide Great Learning Opportunities & Strong Long Term Career Building Skills

Posted by Selvakumar N

Hailing from a farming background, a career in the IT services was exciting as well as daunting at first glance. Fortunately, I got a reference from a friend to apply as a test engineer at Ticking Minds after completing my MCA. Their hiring motto was to identify individuals with the right attitude to learn; ambition to improve on skills and collaborate with other individuals as a team. I fitted into their requirements neatly, even-though I did not have a sound programming skill at that point of time. The founders taught me that understanding customer business, landscape and requirements is the key approach to design and frame a test.

My first assignment came in the health care domain, where I practiced every nuances of testing that I had been mentored on.  My efforts were well recognized and I was labelled as a ‘system-breaker’. I had made my spadework good with functional testing, then I started developing skills on JMeter for performance testing, covering Web UI & API with the right fundamentals of performance testing. I loved what I was learning and doing, slowly building skills on Jmeter & Beanshell programming. After working on multiple performance testing projects my knowledge and experience were enhanced and I aced Performance Testing skill set. Java programming, Selenium, Appium were another set of Test automation skills that I got to add to my knowledge and experience.

These 5+ years have been a bright & enriching journey which shaped my career as well as my personality. Every project threw a different complexity and each was a learning experience

Key things that I learnt from Ticking Minds are

  • To persist in problem solving
  • To be accountable for the work done
  • To focus on customer needs.

Today, I have honed my skills and built my career with sound fundamentals. Working for an organization like Ticking Minds provided me ample all-round skills for building a sound long term QA /Testing career. If you come across an opportunity to work for Ticking Minds, I advise you to grab it with both hands.