Apr 21, 2023

End-to-End QA for a US based organization who Simplifies Citizen Governance

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Client Background

Client develops CRM-based applications to assist State & Local government agencies, providing next-gen cloud-based solutions to simplify Grant tracking & management system, Rental assistance system, Disaster recovery management

Business Context

Client’s solution is used by 10 agencies to track more than $4 Bn in Grants & 14K federally funded assets. 

Client’s new application was designed to maintain Fiscal Cost Reports and they required a QA team who understand Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM application & business process flow to provide extensive test coverage for various security roles & applications in the CRM-based platform.

How did we help the Client?

Comprehensive test design and execution of 27K test cases covering 18 security roles within and across applications, sitemaps and entities, business rules & process flows.

During data migration, date format conversion is automatically converted to the local regional settings instead of the application acceptable format. Ticking Minds QA team identified the root cause of date format conversion and resolved using text to column feature in excel. Identified, analyzed and resolved the date format conversion issues and successfully migrated around 10 date fields for around 15K records.

Benefits Delivered

1300 defects were unearthed and achieved a minimal defect rejection ratio of less than 5%. 

0% data loss in production due to rigorous testing during data migration for 15K records accurately covering data validation, data clean-up, data transformation, field-level validation for each agency, business rule consideration, date format conversion

Established & streamlined the SDLC process – identified & addressed 50% of major requirement/ process gaps that added more value in test coverage & ensured product stability post-release.