Apr 22, 2023

Global Supply Chain Management Solutions Provider

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Client Background

Client is a leading global giant in providing SCM solutions to large retailers across the globe.

Business Context

The client moved their flagship product from an on-premise setting to the cloud for the first time for a large retailer in North America. 

Stringent SLAs & Performance KPIs meant that the application post-migration must be void of any performance issues.

How did we help the Client?

Comprehensive performance testing strategy factoring – business, infrastructure, technology, architecture – to give go-live confidence to migrate large volume db (6TB) to the cloud. Tests designed in line with the workload model covering UI, GWT, API Operations, batch jobs along with background noise simulation.

Near real-life-like load simulation performed with 100%, 200% of current load giving readiness confidence for the future. A stress Test was conducted with 300% of the current load.

25% performance improvement in critical operations 

Benefits Delivered

Performance was improved to 1/4 of peak response times in critical areas like SB searches, and commit update operations.

Discovery of 25+ performance issues provided assurance to the client to sign the contract, which included penalties for failing to meet the agreed-upon standards