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Every business in the world wanted to go digital at some point in time, but no one expected a pandemic in the form of COVID-19 and such a rapid digital transformation across every organization. Every facet of the business had to be re-strategized to ensure continuity and sustenance of the organization and its core business.

Digital transformation for any business essentially means rethinking the customer strategies or realigning the business models – some of these may include either going into digital marketing or publishing a web portal or managing their newly purchased digital assets or tracking their business growth by way of web analytics or enabling mobility or managing their digital infrastructure through cloud etc.

From a testing standpoint, any digital transformation requires the following services to be provided.
1. Basic functional validation of their web portal to ensure that nothing is broken and functions as per the expectation.
2. An regression testing framework, that is essentially automated, to ensure that all incremental releases are thoroughly regressed.
3. Performance testing of the major releases to ensure that the application is validated from a load, stress, volume and endurance perspective.
4. Cross-browser testing to ensure that the application is not broken in any of the commonly used browsers.
5. Mobile testing to ensure that the responsive designs / apps are working as intended, and the usability aspect is well thought off, to manage the end user experience.
6. More importantly, security testing to ensure that the security threats and vulnerabilities are identified upfront and addressed before going live.

None of the digital transformation approaches are one-off. An initiation into digital transformation would open up channels of digital communication with the end customers and there is a need to nurture, improve and optimize the digital transformation journey in a phased manner. From a testing perspective, this translates into having partners who
a. Have been part of digital transformation initiative
b. Can bring in several best practices
c. Have experience in building accelerators and readymade frameworks to jump-start the testing
d. Can on-board and off-board resources without much delay
e. Can bring in both technical and domain knowledge to the table
f. Have certified and experienced test professionals and more importantly
g. Have experience in integrating the test suites with the CI/CD pipelines so that the benefits of unmanned automated testing is fully realized.

Ticking Minds is an independent software testing organization with tons of experience in partnering with large global organizations, mid-level tech companies and start-ups in initiating their digital transformation journey. It’s just not important to have a tech partner to implement the transformation journey, it is equally important to validate and provide assurance at every stage of the journey.

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