Improve business outcomes by automating test processes

Automating testing processes – across UI, API, Mobile and web services- delivers improved business outcomes by quicker turnaround, consistent and rigorous validations cycles.


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We are an independent QA services organization that firmly believes in transparency, accountability and partnering with our clients for their long-term success. We provide insightful QA feedback for your product/projects journeys, helping steer quality in the right direction.

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Service Testimonials

What people say about us

Experience the impeccable quality service we provide in the field of Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance through our Customers’ valuable feedback

"Ticking Minds helped us create 5 years production like quality data which helped us assess the performance with large underlying data volume data. This had a huge say in our product quality, product demos and training."

Leading European Airline Loyalty Product

Product Head

"Leveraging the API framework they orchestrated the APIs and populated the entire data for all our testing needs driving every life cycle like product, account and operations. We were extremely glad to have them picked as a QA partner for us."

UK Based Fintech

Vice-President, Product Development

"Ticking Minds helped out automated our online marketplace for instant customized rate quotes for loans covering multiple stakeholder roles, which resulted in improving product quality with quicker turnaround times."

Middle East based FinTech Company


"Ticking Minds help us implement EasyRepo automation framework for our code MS CRM product and supported us in the rollouts for all out implementations across the US market. They are an awesome team that brings accountability and value to the engagement which made them our QA partners."

Leading US based MS CRM

QA Manager – Core Platform & Implementation

"Ticking Minds supported us in the multi-year implementation of a large automation framework for our entire product suite across web, mobile platforms bringing robustness and reliability into testing process."

US Based Healthcare Product

QA Head – Core Product

"Their automation strategy to manage 20K+ APIs along with UI automation framework helped us streamline the automated testing for our product seamless vide Continuous Integration pipelines."

UK Based Fintech

Vice-President, Product Development

"Their 360-degree view in defining strategy and simulating user performance by orchestrating 14K+ APIs delivered a huge value in managing our releases effectively."

UK Based Fintech

Vice-President, Product Development

"Ticking Minds performance testing expertise gave us big confidence in our Go-live decision for a very large implementation for a leading North American retailer."

Leading Supply Chain Management Product

Vice President

"We were impressed with the Ticking Minds expertise in helping us define the performance testing and guiding in simulating large volume data for the performance testing."

Leading European Airline Loyalty Product

Product Head

"Ticking Minds bring valuable insights to our platform performance. They are very dependable any time of year and we don't look beyond them for our performance testing needs."

Leading Education Platform for US Region

Chief Technology Officer

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