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We have the 360-degree expertise of delivering 200+ performance testing digital transformation initiative go-lives.


Business Performance Requirements Gathering, Workload Modelling, Strategy Formulation


Test Scripting, Real-life Like Data Population, Dry Runs & Sanity Checks


Real-life Like Simulation with Real-life Like Data & Volume, Monitoring Test & Analysis, Resulting Reports & Performance Insights


Assured Customer Experience, Improved scalability & Availability

Our Process

Performance Testing Framework

Our performance test framework brings together human engagement across business stakeholders, solution architects, technical architects and infrastructure support personnel covering business processes, business growth projections, past/existing problem statements, strategy, tools and data volumes.

Key performance factors for successful digital transformation initiatives are

Understanding the business context, current pain points, projected business growth, data volumes, underlying technology stack and infrastructure layer


Defining the performance strategy factoring load simulation for business critical transactions workload mix supported by large data volume, performance testing tools and monitoring  tools

Performance Testing Expertise

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Digital Transformation Initiatives
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100 TB+
Large Data Volume Collaboration
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Collaborations (NeoLoad, Blazemeter,, AWS, Azure, Siebel, MS CRM)
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Performance Bottleneck Analysis

Industry Challenge

Very few businesses think about their non-functional testing requirements, especially around performance testing right from the very start of their digital transformation journey. Unless performance requirements are elicited upfront and product is designed to scale with increasing load, it becomes difficult to manage the performance expectations. In many cases, a product performance decides the success or its failure, no matter how good the user interface is or how good the functional flow is.


Performance testing requires understanding requirements, having tools/scripting knowledge, running the right set of tests that mimic the production load and last but not the least, analysis of the test results to identify the bottlenecks. This requires a very mature engineering mindset with a very good knowledge just not on the product or the domain, but also the underlying technical architecture.

Test data

Performance tests can be executed only when there is a right volume of test data available in the databases. This could prove to be tricky for a new product launch wherein TBs of data need to be generated artificially that matches a 2-year production data.


With a variety of performance tests in existence, like load, stress, volume and endurance, it is important to strategize what tests need to be run under varying conditions of infrastructure, volume of data, load, time etc. Hitting a right strategy is the first and foremost thing in any performance testing engagement.

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