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Largest US based Digital Asset Management Solutions Provider

Client Background

Client is one of the largest U.S. based organization providing hardware, software and services to various clients that include individual consumers, (Small and Medium Business) SMBs and some of the leading governments in the world.

Business Context

The client was rolling out a solution for the SMB segment that was expected to help in the digital asset management process.

Around a million devices are expected to be enrolled into this solution globally, and they all will be connected to the digital asset management solution servers distributed over the globe. The client’s servers were on AWS and were expected to scale-up with increase in load.

How did we help the Client?

When a million users are expected to be handled by the distributed server architecture, it is very important to maximize the number of devices handled per server. Load, Endurance and Stress tests were carried out to measure the performance of the server and the bottlenecks in various layers. The following were key findings from the exercise:

Port settings in the Linux servers were not allowing socket connections to be established to the expected number.

Slowest running sub-process within the business critical scenarios were identified from response time metrics.

Identified queries that were responsible for slowing down the business sub-process and helped in tuning them by adding appropriate indexes. Identified number of processes that were consuming computing power and memory than what was required and helped in fine tuning which in turned helped in adding more devices per server.

Benefits Delivered

Overall, the entire performance testing exercise helped in addressing the various bottlenecks thereby increasing the devices per server from an initial level of 300 devices to 950 devices by the time the solution was rolled out.

Brought down the overall cost of ownership of the solution for the customer, by helping him to increase the number of devices / server. This results in a direct $ benefit of more than $ 400 Mill per year for the client, when 1 Million devices are on-board.

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