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Client Background

Client is leading product company that develops and operates professional customer loyalty programmes based on tailor-made IT solutions and process management systems. Their loyalty solutions have always set highest standards in the respective industries.

Business Context

Client was on the path of re-engineering their solution with a more scalable technology platform. This was their flagship product, they wanted to ensure that their re-engineered solution was top-notch in terms of performance. The client had defined stringent SLAs, KPIs and were looking for a partner to help them achieve those goals.

How did we help the Client?

Implemented a tool kit for the client that will help them reuse the same tool and scripts across API testing, functional testing, security testing and performance testing.

Built complex test data that would reflect the system state having 10 years of historical data. We made use of simple open source solutions for data generation, that worked in tandem with macros and PL/SQL code, driving the system to the desire state that the customer wanted.

Unearthed performance issues on their web services, issues related to infrastructure as well as their application server configurations.

Benefits Delivered

A customer budget friendly scalable tool kit to address different testing needs was put in place.

Helped overcome lack of historical data in the system, by synthetically creating it, making data time travel for 10 years.

Unearthing performance issues early in lifecycle, using a component and end to end test strategy.

Early insights across services layer, application server layer and infrastructure layer, gave pointers to improve upon the overall performance.

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