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An Enchanting Journey with Ticking Minds Posted by Sakthivel iyappan

I would like to share my experience of developing my career, from a fresher to an automation architect with my Ticking Minds family. I finished my graduation in Mathematics and wished to start an IT career immediately. Being a first-time graduate from my family, I was not sure how to get a breakthrough and did not have any idea about IT workspace and culture.

A good Samaritan (Mohamed Bakkrudeen) guided me to the founders of Ticking Minds. I landed at their office and the founders( Sankar Santhanaraman , Vijayanathan Naganathan) spoke to me in detail. They gave me a perspective about how the IT industry works, what are the streams available within IT, and how the career will span. I was interviewed in Java & OOPs concepts. Understanding my difficulty in English communication, the founders interviewed me in Tamil. They saw my potential and desire in me to excel in life and offered the job.

I kicked off my testing career with languages and tools like Java, Selenium automation & TestNG. I started enjoying what I did – designing test scripts. I was happy with the learning and exposure that I was given. The founders watched me at close quarters and started giving me more opportunities in test automation which lead me grow incrementally from a fresher to an automation framework architect.

Today, I am an expert in building the following frameworks from the ground up.

Web Automation:

  • Selenium with Java, TestNG, ExtentReports, GitHub, Maven.
  • Geb (advance of selenium) with Groovy, Spock, Gradle, SourceTree, Bitbucket, Docker.
  • Selenium with Java built top of SpringBoot, Cucumber, ExtentReports, Maven, AWS Code Commit, Lombok, TestNG.
  • Mobile Automation:

  • Android application automation with java using Appium.
  • IOS application automation with java using Appium.
  • IOS application automation with XCUITest in XCode in Swift language.
  • Apart from the opportunity and career that came my way, I was mentored by Sankar Santhanaraman and Vijayanathan Naganathan in many aspects. They have a genuine vision for making everyone grow along with them. I enjoyed working every day with the team at Ticking Minds – peers & mentors who were always keen on knowledge sharing. The encouragement that I received from the work environment helped me scale up my career.

    If you have the opportunity to work for Ticking Minds my suggestion is that you seize it, work with them to have a successful career in testing.

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