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Automation and QA for a Global PRM & ERM Provider

Client Background

The client is a global solution provider of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and PRM (Patient Relationship Management).

Business Context

Their solution digitally collects, stores, and processes the patient’s data holistically (such as medical reports, prescriptions etc.). Frequent updates were to be made and released in line with new user and compliance requirements.

How did we help the Client?

  • BDD regression suite were quickly updated with new user stories from the sprints to facilitate rapid automation
  • Provided exhaustive test coverage across 60-70 screens supporting these frequent releases.

  • Benefits Delivered

  • Saved 30% effort for automation tests as BDD scripts could be converted from Features files to automated code with help of the Cucumber framework and Java Swing Utility that we had created.
  • Ensured zero data duplication or data loss while used concurrently by multiple users in real-time, preventing zero medical errors and any chances of misinformation on the platform.
  • Quick feedback in regression tests vide BDD tests mode that could be even executed by Business Analysts thus saving time and faster turnaround for go-live.

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