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Client Context

Client is a leading player in providing education funds to university students across Africa and Asia.

Business Context

Client had a platform, which serves to bridge the gap between education fund providers and education fund seekers. The platform had been designed and deployed in Azure Cloud. Client wanted an assurance their portal was scalable and performance worthy. The client had sought help on performance, as India based Government agency mandated that performance measures be benchmarked and shared with them before roll out.

How did we help the Client?

Worked closely with platform SMEs, to understand the way the business operates, identify list of end of end business critical transactions, business usage patterns in order to develop a workload model to simulate real-life load on the system.

Need for having multiple workloads were identified factoring for high usage during scholarship notifications, college admissions, bank promos.

Cloud based setup was first measured for single instance setup, with performance bottlenecks like missing indexes, time consuming ineffective SQL queries. Once these were rectified the system was certified for 1200+ concurrent users spanning across applicants, banks, approval agencies, colleges participating in the platform.

Portal server side configuration was refined to optimize the overall performance of the portal.

Benefits Delivered

Client was able to meet most of the mandated performance requirements of the Government Agency.

Network bandwidth requirements were refined as a result of the findings from the performance tests and were agreed by the Government agency.

Client was able to roll out this portal in partnership with the Government agency within the stipulated time frame and was able to host 100+ scholarship grant providers, 23+ banks, 6000+ students.

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