End-to-End QA for a FinTech who facilitates Power Exchange business needs


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End-to-End QA for a FinTech who facilitates Power Exchange business needs

Client Background

Client is a leading FinTech firm providing services by building OTC platform for the power sector

Business Context

Electronic Tender System (ETS) encompasses comprehensive functionality for tender and auction trading. The Power Exchange application is a tailored adaptation of ETS designed to cater to the specific requirements of customers. However, despite being customized, the system falls short in keeping pace with recent advancements in software technologies.

How did we help the Client?

  • Validate the critical business processes involved in different type of auctions and tenders. Each functional test case comprises numerous steps to be followed meticulously until reaching the desired outcome. To save time, repeatable steps were isolated as Reusable Test Steps, which can be utilized in multiple test cases. Testing team successfully grasped the underlying business logic of the application within a limited timeframe, instilling confidence in the client regarding the team's capabilities.
  • Testing team have thoroughly validated key business processes such as buyer registration, auctioneer registration, initiate tender floating, single-stage single-envelope processes, bidding, tender opening and bid-winning announcements.

  • Benefits Delivered

  • Uncovered significant number of critical issues, including data loss caused by session timeouts. Apart from these they encountered extensive delays while selecting values in specific fields, which was flagged as a critical usability concern.
  • Critical flaws were identified in areas like background verification process for validating Buyer Registration fees, highlighting core business issues to the client. By effectively communicating compatibility and usability issues, testing team facilitated the client's decision to discontinue using the existing application and opt for an alternative solution.

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