Improving Civic Engagement in the US through Automation


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Application Benchmarking of a siebel system for a leading US based CDN Cloud Service Provider

Improving Civic Engagement in the US through Automation

Client Background

Client develops CRM based applications to assist State & Local government agencies, providing next gen cloud based solutions to simplify Grant tracking & management system, Rental assistance system, Disaster recovery management


The client was rapidly scaling their platforms/ products to various states, local, and federal agencies, seeking QA assistance for both new and updated products to meet evolving end-user needs.

How did we help the Client?

  • Modular Test Design: Minimized rework with adaptable strategy for evolving requirements.
  • Optimized Flows: Prioritized key test paths based on business processes.
  • Parallel Browsers: Maximized efficiency, identified cross-app/user defects.
  • Matrix Testing: Ensured comprehensive coverage across roles, apps, and CRUD operations.

  • Benefits Delivered

  • 80% Faster Testing: Matrix-based designs slashed testing efforts by 4/5, reducing a 10-hour task to 2.5, saving valuable resources and establishing a reusable asset pool for diverse project needs.
  • Slash Design Costs 75%: Streamlined matrix testing reduced design efforts by 3/4, minimizing overall testing expenses and maximizing resource allocation efficiency.
  • Optimized Execution: Leveraging optimal business flows and integrated CRUD operations across levels (form, field, process) resulted in significantly reduced test execution efforts.
  • Rapid Issue Resolution & Minimized Disruptions: Proactive defect resolution processes expedited issue closure, and dedicated weekend support ensured smooth production deployment and swift issue resolution.

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