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Performance Validation for Leading Global Hotel Wholesaler

Client Background

The client, a top global hotel wholesaler, specializes in providing hotel accommodation to the travel industry. They partner with thousands of hotels worldwide to offer a wide range of accommodation options.

Business Context

The client faced performance issues (sluggish portal was hurting user experience and scalability) with their global travel portal serving worldwide customers. They sought to enhance performance by upgrading hardware but were uncertain about the required investment level.

How did we help the Client?

  • Modular Test Design: Minimized rework with adaptable strategy for evolving requirements.
  • Optimized Flows: Prioritized key test paths based on business processes.
  • Parallel Browsers: Maximized efficiency, identified cross-app/user defects.
  • Matrix Testing: Ensured comprehensive coverage across roles, apps, and CRUD operations.

  • Benefits Delivered

  • 80% Faster Testing: Matrix-based designs slashed testing efforts by 4/5, reducing a 10-hour task to 2.5, saving valuable resources and establishing a reusable asset pool for diverse project needs.
  • Slash Design Costs 75%: Streamlined matrix testing reduced design efforts by 3/4, minimizing overall testing expenses and maximizing resource allocation efficiency.
  • Optimized Execution: Leveraging optimal business flows and integrated CRUD operations across levels (form, field, process) resulted in significantly reduced test execution efforts.
  • Rapid Issue Resolution & Minimized Disruptions: Proactive defect resolution processes expedited issue closure, and dedicated weekend support ensured smooth production deployment and swift issue resolution.

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