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Trading Platform of India's largest private-sector bank

Client Background

Client is a product company rolling out its brokerage trading platform to the largest private Bank in India

Business Context

  • Client had a compelling initiative and stringent timeline in go-lives & expected quick validation of the trading platform
  • Platform is both web and mobile-based(android) providing an innovative and technology-driven approach to trading and investing.
  • Offers individuals to trade in stock and mutual funds, provides real-time market data, portfolio tracking, a user-friendly trading interface, charting tools, customizable alerts etc
  • How did we help the Client?

  • Jump started & Conducted Independent functional testing & automation testing of the web & mobile platforms
  • Comprehensive functional testing conducted on cash equities trading, exchange traded derivatives (futures, options), exchange traded funds, mutual funds that involved complex business understanding
  • Automation Testing : Identified 25 critical/most used business workflows and created test automation framework in both web and mobile (android) using JAVA - Selenium, TestNG & Appium tools. .
  • Automation framework was designed, regression test cases were sequenced in order for priority for automation

  • Benefits Delivered

  • 120+ defects identified in manual testing within 1 month duration (10% Critical ; 37% High ; 47% Medium ; 6% Low) navigating through a lot of challenges in the environment (stock exchange test services downtime) and also achieved minimal defect rejection ratio of less than 5%.
  • UI automation using Selenium & Test NG , mobile automation using Appium for near 50% automation achieved within 2 months with unmanned automation testing being executed for the regression suite.

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